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Purchasing and Payables Management System

With NetSuite's Purchasing and Accounts Payables Management System, purchase-order-taking and Vendor Management are fully integrated. Users enjoy seamless entry of transactions from Purchase Requisitions, to Purchase Order to Goods Receipt and finally to Vendor Payment. These in-build integration functionalities allow simplification of validation processes. This then translates to a more optimized Supply Chain and consequently, better business operations.

Before NetSuite, the painful but real situation of the Purchasing and Accounts Payables Management Softwares  in most companies, including the Philippines, are of the following:

  1. Accounts Payables ageing is not properly monitored.
  2. Suppliers and vendors experience a lot of frustrations because of late payments.
  3. Receipt of goods from supplier cannot be anticipated due to lack of reference in the historical delivery timelines.
  4. Disconnect in quantity in purchase order, goods receipt and payment records.

With NetSuite, instantaneous benefits are realized with the following Key Features:

  1. NetSuite automates the whole Purchase-to-Pay process in a seamless, fully-integrated manner.
  2. NetSuite has in-build reporting and analytics that equips users with real-time visibility of all procurement movements.
  3. NetSuite relates and records all purchasing and payment transaction to its corresponding General Ledger entries automatically.

Watch the NetSuite demo on the Purchase to Pay process below:


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