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Inventory and Warehousing

With NetSuite's Inventory Warehouse Management System, monitoring of all activities that goes on inside the warehouse and all other activities that are related to Inventory Management, are captured in a full-cycle, integrated manner. Every goods movement that takes place is recorded, hence, all inventory-related reports are updated in real-time.

Users can set controls and parameters for inventory management transactions, in multiple warehouses, and multiple locations. As a result, monitoring of stocks and inventory processes are made easy and accessible anytime.

Before NetSuite's Inventory Warehouse Management System, the painful but real situation of the Inventory Management and Warehousing Management processes  in most companies, including the Philippines are of the following:

  1. Mismatched physical inventory count with manual reports.
  2. Disorganized goods location and storage practices which consequently results to slower pick and pack activities.
  3. Loss of inventory for reasons that cannot be traced because of disorganized goods movement history. 
  4. Prone to over-stocking and under-stocking due to non-visibility of real-time inventory status. 

With NetSuite, instantaneous benefits are realized with the following Key Features:

  1. Automates the whole Plan-to-Supply process in a seamless, fully-integrated manner.
  2. Has in-build reporting and analytics that equips user with real-time visibility of all Supply Chain movements.
  3. Relates and records all goods movement transaction to its corresponding General Ledger entries automatically.

Watch the NetSuite demo on Supply Chain Management below:


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