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ERP, Financials Accounting Software

ERP, Financials Accounting Software

In this digitalization era, businesses are subject to increasing pressure to be up to digital speed when it comes to managing their business. The speed and efficiency in handling business transactions, are all-the-more important in order to maintain relevance and competitiveness in this market. That as a premise, the adoption of an automated ERP, Financials Accounting Software is essential to every business – whether it be in the Small and Mid-sized or in the Large-scale Business Segment .

The seamless processing of finance information such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger data, together with operational processes are important. NetSuite is a fully-functional ERP, Financials Accounting Software that automates all these mentioned Accounting and Finance processes.

NetSuite automates the following processes in its online Accounting Software:

  1. Order-to-Cash – Automated end-to-end process from Sales to Customer Collections
  2. Procure-to-Pay – Automated end-to-end process from Requisitions to Vendor Payments
  3. Tax Management – Fully suited to local Tax schemes and rates
  4. Audit Trail Visibility – Automatic transaction footprint monitoring which results to accurate tracking of the full history of transactions
  5. All other Financial Processes that drive business productivity

Furthermore, with NetSuite's scalable ERP system, the following processes can also be automated which fully integrates with the core NetSuite Financials:

  1. Supply Chain Management - seamless execution of logistics and distribution business.
  2. Production Management  - real-time visibility of the production process from issuance of work orders to the production floor up until the completion of finished goods. 
  3. Warehouse and Fulfillment - smooth flow of both inbound and outbound inventory transactions and real-time monitoring of all goods movement in the warehouse.
  4. Customer Relationship Management - holistic approach to managing our customers from pre-sales, to sales, to post-sales transactions. 

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