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Customer Relationship Management

A business’ constant and meticulous attention to everything that concerns its customers, is its ultimate advantage. NetSuite delivers a complete Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) that equips users to be top of their game as they relate to their customers whether it be in the opportunity stage, fulfillment, renewal or support stage of their business transactions.

NetSuite Customer Relationship Management System is the only cloud solution that automates the full CRM lead-to-cash process while, automating other core ERP processes like Accounting, Order Management and Supply Chain, in the same platform. 

Before NetSuite, the painful but real situation of the Customer Relationship Management  in most companies including those in the Philippines, are of the following:

  1. Disorganized management of accounts that results to loss of opportunity.
  2. Lack of follow-up on business opportunities due to data being all over the place.
  3. Unconsolidated database of customer information and customer order history that lengthens processing of pre-sales, sales and post-sales transactions.
  4. Error-prone customer history records management which results to dissatisfied customers. 
  5. Lack of proactive approach to customer service and customer relationship management. 
  6. Loss of current customers or customers transferring to a competitor due to frustrating experience with the Customer Relationship Manager.

With NetSuite, instantaneous benefits are realized with the following Key Features:

  1. NetSuite automates the whole Lead-to-Cash process in a seamless, fully-integrated manner.
  2. NetSuite has in-build reporting and analytics that equips user with real-time visibility of the whole Customer Life-cycle.
  3. NetSuite directly progresses Lead-to-Cash process to the Order Management and Accounting processes of NetSuite ERP.

Watch the NetSuite Product demo of the Lead to Cash process below:

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