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Customer and Sales Order Management System

Customer and Sales Order Management System

With NetSuite’s best-of-breed Customer and Sales Order Management System that integrates the sales and inventory processes, users enjoy real-time sales and inventory data at their fingertips. Sales Order-taking will be seamlessly integrated with Inventory data, which will enable users to see actual inventory situations like available quantity on hand and other information relevant to creating a sales order. This gives users higher time to value and better business insight.

Furthermore, because of NetSuite's streamlined and integrated Customer and Sales Order Management software functionalities, manual processing is reduced, if not, totally eliminated. This results to a more streamlined process that ensures a smooth flow from sales quotations to sales orders and then to fulfillment, ensuring fast, accurate and timely invoicing.

Let us paint you a picture. Before NetSuite, the painful but real situation of the Sales and Order Management  in most companies, including those in the Philippines, are of the following:

  1. Frequent Erroneous Billings and Invoices.
  2. Sales Order, Delivery and Billing quantities are mismatched.
  3. Inefficient and late fulfillment due to time-consuming, manual relay of information from sales order to the operations/fulfillment department. 
  4. Late invoicing due to late notice of fulfillment completion. 

With NetSuite, instantaneous benefits are realized with the following Key Features:

  1. NetSuite automates the whole Order-to-Cash process in a seamless, fully-integrated manner.
  2. NetSuite has in-build reporting and analytics  which equips user with real-time visibility of all Sales-related movements.
  3. NetSuite relates and records and all sales transactions transaction to its corresponding General Ledger entries automatically.

Watch the NetSuite Product demo for the Order to Cash process below:


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